I'm using the following code to create a status bar:

CreateStatus proc hParent:DWORD
LOCAL sbParts[3] :DWORD

invoke CreateWindowEx,NULL,ADDR szStatusClass,NULL,WS_CHILD or WS_VISIBLE,0,0,0,0,hParent,200,hInstance,NULL
mov hStatus,eax

;---------- [sbParts is a DWORD array of 4 members:] ----------
mov [sbParts + 0], 200 ; Pixels from left.
mov [sbParts + 4], 300 ; Pixels from left.
mov [sbParts + 8], -1 ; Last part.
invoke SendMessage,hStatus,SB_SETPARTS,4,ADDR sbParts
RGB 50,50,127
invoke SendMessage,hStatus,SB_SETBKCOLOR,0,eax
CreateStatus endp

The SB_SETBKCOLOR does not have any effect if I am using the xpthemes, but it works if I am not. So, how can I change the status bar colour when using the xpthemes?

Also, the status bar always has the SBARS_SIZEGRIP style even though I am not specifying it, how do I get rid of it?
Thank you :)
Posted on 2004-04-13 11:00:09 by adamjjackson