In regards to asm2html converter:
Having dug around in my archives, I have located the source which I modified, which I will post for anyone interested.
It was originally written by the legendary Chris Hobbs :)
Posted on 2004-04-16 02:18:43 by Homer
Didn't Chris Hobbs legendarily rip off Ewald's and Scali's I seem to remember something about the first not giving due credits to 'DiamondCrew'... :rolleyes:. At least the current version in his spacetris mentions DiamondCrew, although the (now defunct) URL is removed, and Ewald Snel's name has been removed. Oh well, I could remember wrong, it's been quite some years.

That said, the guy *did* do a pretty good job of explaining some win32asm and DirectX basics :)
Posted on 2004-04-16 08:28:24 by f0dder