hello all

i downlaoded xmplayer.zip and run the player, when i chose a file to play it return an error : Could not Open file. !!!!!???????
when i debug it, i saw that the CreateFile API failed. i test the program with some else file but i can play any xm file with it.

i modify the source but i couldn't compile it with masm, is there anyone that can compile it, please say me that with which compiler i can compile it and path error.
Posted on 2004-04-19 00:54:32 by hamed_hhz
Well, it looks like tasm to me. Not too sure though, never really looked into the syntax of tasm.
Posted on 2004-04-19 07:12:26 by roticv
hamed_hhz ,
It would be nice if you described what happens when you try to assemble it. Such as, what errors you are getting. Doesn't your assembler tell you what it finds wrong? One thing I can see immediately is that you are not using the correct syntax for STRUCT. Ratch
Posted on 2004-04-19 07:48:56 by Ratch