What are the advantages of using one over the other for your main window procedure?

Is there any reason NOT to use a dialog? It seems that most of the functionality (menus, icons, buttons, ...) can be done with just a dialog and the code is easier to read/code/understand.
Posted on 2001-11-09 19:26:41 by grv575
Basically you have more control over a window created with CreateWindowEx(). Autosizing different windows into a given client area is a common one in things like word processors and text editors, graphics drawing programs and more or less anything else you want to do.

Anything you wish to directly control the size with is better done in a proper window. Dialogs tend to be for simpler interfaces and they are easier to code but you can do less with them.


Posted on 2001-11-10 01:48:22 by hutch--
If you add the CLASS resource statement to your RC (DLG) script I believe you receive all the conventional Windows messages WM_CREATE ....

Posted on 2001-11-10 06:43:59 by jcfuller