Can't find @ search engines. Could someone share it?
Posted on 2004-04-21 01:11:22 by Ulterior
It's available as part of Visual studio, the SDK or in the FREE VC++ toolkit:

Even zipped,at 126K (236K unzipped) it is a bit big to post here.
Posted on 2004-04-21 01:54:01 by donkey
You probably get the file with visual studio .net, perhaps even only in the 2003 version. I searched the microsoft site, but couldn't find any redistributables. Might be included in the free VCToolKit 2003, though - take a look at .
Posted on 2004-04-21 01:59:17 by f0dder
thanks :)
Posted on 2004-04-21 03:55:08 by Ulterior