Hi everyone,

How can i create a window with just a CLOSE button on the top right corner of it? I do not want the MAXIMIZE or MINIMIZE buttons.

Do i define under windows style?

Posted on 2004-04-21 04:15:34 by trexxz
Use WS_OVERLAPPED + WS_CAPTION + WS_SYSMENU + WS_THICKFRAME as the windows style in CreateWindowEx, do not use the WS_MAXIMIZEBOX or WS_MINIMIZEBOX if you don't want those buttons. If you do not need a resizable window do not include the WS_THICKFRAME style.
Posted on 2004-04-21 04:38:38 by donkey
Thanks again, donkey!
I was stuck for some time.
Posted on 2004-04-21 04:45:48 by trexxz