Hi guys!
I would like to know this:

1) there 's someone who knows how to call an executable file from a Win32 Assembler program or form VC++ executable program?

and this:

2) an application running an i want read without removing (so in vc++ PeekMessage function with PM_NOREMOVE) from my VC++ or win32 asm program the message the applicatio n window sends to own thread. How can i do it?

thank you for any help.
and someone has a good book title about windows inner workings to tell me?

please...if it's possible even if this is a forum send me an emai tohttp://www.asmcommunity.net/board/cryptmail.php?tauntspiders=in.your.face@nomail.for.you&id=83fce4b567e09f697ab7e0437d6697d0 since i can read the email without loggin in ...that's expensive-this fastweb connection-:)) hi!
Posted on 2004-04-22 13:28:12 by ABitLazy
Afternoon, ABitLazy.

Why do you want to access the messages from another exe?

Posted on 2004-04-22 18:53:49 by Scronty
Hi scronty..i need to figure up what an aplication is doing with it's own messages...to change my own program behaviour...
Posted on 2004-04-24 11:09:25 by ABitLazy
Afternoon, ABitLazy.

And what behaviour in your own program would be changed?

Posted on 2004-04-26 08:06:28 by Scronty
Posted on 2004-04-26 09:49:19 by Criminal2