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1)If you want to adapt your code to Bochs you shoud use rep movsd a LOT because Bochs can execute the complex instructions faster than a rooled loop of simple instructions. the more complex the instruction...the more Bochs likes it.

Unfortunately this will run a little slower on today's real machines

2)If you want to tweak Bochs: there are some settings in the config file but from my experience they do not help much...just marginal and only IF you have a super high speed CPU

3) If you want to use Bochs for running a guest Operating System then it will run very very slow no matter what you do... for such things other commercial products like Vmware or VirtualPC are faster...but they cost money and run well only on a limited set of hardware (mainly CPU's that are natively compatible with Intel/AMD and some Motorola)

Unfortunately plex86 decided to support only Linux and that is a shame

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hgb's original question was: (or something like it :D )
How to speed up Bochs

hgb wrote on April 26th, 2004 06:15 PM:
From this thread

I get this url or

I read a little the FAQ and say that this can increment the speed of bochs, dunno really how use it also in the description of the project say that, but I supose that maybe you will find this interesting.

Also I already not test it, The only problem that I see is that is for Linux other hd for install it :)

Posted on 2004-04-26 10:51:51 by BogdanOntanu

Unfortunately this will run a little slower on today's real machines

The performance you say it gives (and I believe you) in bochs should quite make up for this. And if you depend on a "RtlCopyMemory" or the like to do memory moving, well, it's easy to replace with more high-speed stuff on real systems :) (you can always do a macro if you don't like CALL overhead).

I wonder how much work it would be compiling Bochs with the vc2003toolkit, and how much speed it would bring, compared to GCC and such...
Posted on 2004-04-26 11:52:13 by f0dder
It was more a sugestion ;), I was rereading the post about the new realease of Solar OS (I read it before), and I find a question that say "BTW: How can i make Bosch run faster? "

And then I remember in the faq of plex (suggested by f0dder) "There is the potential to use plex86 as an accelerator for bochs, as was demonstrated some time ago." (also I dont find at the page where was demostrated time a go ???)

But like I say you, I already dont know how to use it, because my pc (this is from other person) have some problems ;) and dont have the oportunity to test it.

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Also is interesting the thing about complex instructions, then I also remember some people here say some like "if you can make run your OS fast in bochs it will run very fast on a real machine", then that is not completely true or not at all :).

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Also I already check my email address :) is ok now, and delete some messages thx for the sugestion.

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Posted on 2004-04-26 12:06:21 by rea