Once I got a serial PIC programmer circuiit from the net. I saved on my Hd. It was a very siomple Serial PIC progger with only 3 resistors and a capacitor. There was also some software called PicProgW with it. My Hd crashed. Its gone. Now I can't find it on the net. Has anyone seen it on the net?

Thomas Antony
Posted on 2004-04-27 04:17:55 by thomasantony
Okay, I got it! I found it using the Vivisimo search(http://www.vivisimo.com/ ). The link is http://mywebpages.comcast.net/fel4u/programmers/picprogrammer.html . I made the circuit on a bread board and connected it to the Serial Port. When I try to program it, I get the error, Failed to program at addresds 0000h. I tried using IcProg and also the software recommended in its page. Whats wrong?

Thomas Antony
Posted on 2004-04-27 07:48:51 by thomasantony
What chip are you programming? Is it a UV erasable type, or a OPT (one time programmable)?

Did you can you scope the clock and data lines for activity?

Posted on 2004-04-27 17:27:13 by NaN
I am programming a PIC 16F84A . I think it is reprogrammable as it says in its manual. It is an EEPROM right. Anyway, I found out that the programming works ok if I try to program it using the Smartcard wizard in IC-Prog. But I can't program any of my own programs into it. Whats worng?

Thomas Antony
Posted on 2004-04-28 01:12:05 by thomasantony
It's flash memory.

See this link and use this programmer for this pic. I have used it before.


That's All,
Amr Turk
Posted on 2004-04-28 12:49:17 by amr
i actually get the error, verify errior at 0000h. I redad it is some problem with inverting or something. I made a tweak of the JDM progger I found called uJDM. The site had a Veroboard layout, so I made it on a Veroboard. But this time, even, the LED doesn't light up. I get the same verify error.:confused:

Thomas Antony
Posted on 2004-04-30 06:42:46 by thomasantony
I think I would try to build another one.
Take a look at this article: http://www.microchip.com/download/appnote/devspec/16cxx/00589a.pdf
Posted on 2004-04-30 11:13:26 by VVV