Might be a dumb question. But i know you need to make a manufest to enable Xp visual styles into your app, but what is the deal with UxTheme then?

As far as i know, it looks like API that allows you to specify and visually custom draw your controls in only xp.

Anyway, where in Masm32 do you include calls for OpenThemeData, etc.


Please look under the heading To enable a control to apply visual styles.
Posted on 2004-04-28 02:20:31 by Black iCE

Do not link directly to the UxTheme.lib. If you use the UxTheme API to add visual styles to custom controls, load the library on demand.

Then i presume you use LoadLibary and then you execute the commans within the dll.
Posted on 2004-04-28 04:16:00 by Black iCE
Has any one actually applied visual styles in their app? Just wandering cause i need an explenation whot they are really. Manifest allows the Visual Styles to be applied but whot is this part od control stuff?
Posted on 2004-07-20 23:50:01 by Black iCE
OK - the reason why i am asking is that i would like to make a toolbar in windows XP that will implement its own Custom Drawing techniques and i don't want to make that conrol aware or redrawn with xp visual styles. So the call to SetWindowTheme, well it doesn't exist in masm32 package to how would i obtain a way to make and invoke to it?
Posted on 2004-07-21 13:12:21 by Black iCE