Ok here is the deal. Someone I know has three computers on a little home network. They are connected with a hub or switch or something of the sort. One computer is 95, one is 98, and the other is XP. The 95 and 98 computers talk fine. The XP computer had some IP and Subnet settings that were wrong. I fixed the settings. At some point I went into safe mode because I was having trouble getting XP to boot without locking up at the splash screen. I went into "safe mode with networking." Once booted, the network worked fine. All computers were talking and transferring files. So then of course, I wanted to boot regularly. When you boot up in regular mode the network does not work. Yet, go back into "safe mode with networking" and it works fine!!. Anyone have any ideas??? Weird!!

Posted on 2004-05-01 08:16:05 by masaka
I had same problem at where I worked. Had to talk to computers directly via IP addresses, e.g. \\ etc
Posted on 2004-05-01 08:21:44 by comrade
there are problems communicating between 9x and NT machines - one is that (older?) 9x versions wants plaintext passwords to be sent - this is obviously not good for security. If you feel it's necessary, however, you can enable plaintext passwords on NT (google, I can't remember the details).

Then there's the difference in how network shares are done... again, major mess. Iirc you have to make users on the NT box for the 9x users... again, try googling for "9x NT network share" or something, there's a lot of guides with different solutions.

At the museum where I do some IT work, I got the filesharing working (even without plaintextpassword iirc). However, the 9x clients still couldn't access the shared documents folder on the box... I ended up using the cmd.exe "cacls" command to grant the GUEST user FULL access to all the required folders - insecure hack of the century :rolleyes:
Posted on 2004-05-01 08:45:21 by f0dder