These tiny informers may be useful:

WinTreeSnap - snapshot of current windows tree (output text-file),

UpWinMon - upper windows monitor (via default text editor),

with source.

kero (
Posted on 2004-05-03 03:22:49 by kero
This will be very useful to my current project !

Very nice !
Thanks !
Posted on 2004-05-03 12:43:02 by Opcode
i'm glad :)

kero (
Posted on 2004-05-03 18:00:25 by kero
Added WinTreeSnap2 compares text(SendMessage,hWnd,WM_GETTEXT,MAX_PATH,addr winname)

and text2(GetWindowText,hwnd,addr winname2,MAX_PATH), -

sometimes they are different: "Duplicity Of Edit Control",
Posted on 2004-05-04 13:21:54 by kero
It is very good!
Posted on 2004-05-12 10:32:55 by purpleendurer
Last WinTreeSnap. What's new:
1) variable name of output file,
2) flag (in Status column) for every window under cursor.

Hint: make a shortcut with hotkey assignment to WinTreeSnap,
say - Ctrl+Shift+W (but not Ctrl+Alt+W, because Alt key kills
pop-up menu, i.e. window class #32768).
Posted on 2004-05-13 18:58:06 by kero
Last WinTreeSnap, now denotes also Focus and Foreground window.
Posted on 2004-05-26 18:23:36 by kero