I was playing for a while with RADASM, didn't know it existed until now.

What's the purpose of the control toolbox? Is this a hint at a future feature?

I tried both clicking and double-clicking on several of the controls, and then tried inserting into the default screen, but nothing happens.

Is it simply supposed to insert code snippets, that represent the selected control, into the dialog editor? That doesn't seem to work either.

I've worked with the Borland Workshop, and the Visual Studio resource editor, so am familar with resource editors, but this aspect of RADAsm doesn't make sense to me.

Is it possible I installed it incorrectly? I unzipped the RadAsm.zip file into a C:\RadAsm folder, and ran it.
Posted on 2001-11-10 22:46:42 by Dwayne Childers
Create/Open a project, then Add/Edit a dialog, then you will be able to use the controls.
Posted on 2001-11-10 23:54:41 by bitRAKE
Got it. You don't just add the .RC file - that was my mistake - you select a DIALOG or MENU, etc., and use that. I was using the .RC file directly, and was only able to edit the resource script.

Thanks for the tip.
Posted on 2001-11-20 06:34:49 by Dwayne Childers