hello everyone!

if you are also interested in datastructure with oop in asm,
please take a look at my work.

my focus is on translation, ie, translate the C++ version
of Singly Linked List into masm32.

thanks NaN. i enjoyed great pleasure with his "Object Creator
v1.6.exe". i also like NaN's oop style, which is simple and elegant.

i had tried taowen2002's MOOP. but i found that the procs defined
in moop can only have 1 parameter. anyone who would like to disscuss
this thing with me?

i am glad to hear bug reports, comments, suggestion or encouragement. but i am not sure wheather this top can interest others. i can not upload my " Binary Tree OOp" without your encouragement.
best regards.
Posted on 2004-05-12 20:22:10 by zhihui
Hello zhihui!
I downloaded your code and take a look into it. I'm glad to see that more and more asm programmers are interested in OOP.
My suggestion is to check one of the latest OOP works on the board.
In the case of ObjAsm32, the linked list is completely covered by an object called Collection and its descendants, like DataCollection or SortedCollection.


Posted on 2004-05-13 09:25:20 by Biterider
dear Biterider,
thank you for your package of objasm32. now i can get the access to a more elaborate oop environment. but it is little bit hard. i am trying to familiar with it.
i also thank you for your suggestion. i will pay much effort on the objasm32 from now on.
best regards.
Posted on 2004-05-14 02:28:59 by zhihui