that's the number of failure e-mails I got from the messageboard itself :grin:

not counting your individual mails (that I all impolitely replied to with a copy-paste, there were just so many of them, you'll have to excuse me there :) )
Posted on 2004-05-13 06:51:38 by Hiroshimator
heh, christ... time to hack up the board code and make it only send one per day? (and store the counter in a regular file, not in the mysql database ;))
Posted on 2004-05-13 08:03:15 by f0dder
Ugh, if I had known that stupid board software was sending you an email every time I checked if the board was back online, I wouldn't have done it so often... :o

EDIT: Before someone asks, NO, it wasn't me the 50748 times! :grin:
Posted on 2004-05-13 11:02:33 by QvasiModo
I posted this:
I just noticed something: everytime someone tries to pull up a win32asm page, they get the message, and Hiro gets emailed. So, effectively we are spamming him.

on the masm board on Tuesday just been, so i wonder what your email count was up to by then :grin:
Posted on 2004-05-13 21:53:33 by sluggy
As long as you are healthy and happy that's all that counts. I am happy to hear that you're alright, I was beginning to worry (for real, I sent emails to people telling them I was worried) For your next birthday perhaps moderation is in order so you don't end up in the hospital again :grin: Must have been some party :alright:
Posted on 2004-05-13 22:17:16 by donkey