How to disable list view select?
Posted on 2004-05-14 07:29:15 by Vaxon
I guess you could subclass it and only allow clicks that don't fall on any items. :)
Posted on 2004-05-14 15:12:20 by QvasiModo
:) QvasiModo, that's the way I've realized this in my last project and it works quite well.

Posted on 2004-05-14 15:51:01 by Marwin
Thank you, guys :)
Posted on 2004-05-16 05:58:57 by Vaxon
Hi vaxxon,

I can't see why you just don't return TRUE from a LVN_ITEMCHANGING notification, it will not allow you to change the state of the item to selected. Subclassing seems a little like overkill to me.
Posted on 2004-05-16 20:06:15 by donkey
Thanks, donkey. I knew there should be an easier method :)
Posted on 2004-05-17 04:09:12 by Vaxon