How can I copy an updated version of a system dll,
like user32.dll, on an NTFS volume :confused:

If I just had a FAT32 volume, then there's NO PROBLEM,
but this NTFS stuff...............hmmm....:(
Posted on 2004-05-15 09:43:11 by The SharK
copy the file somewhere temporarily, boot from your win2k CD into a 'recovery console', and move the file in place from there. Be sure to delete the file from 'dllcache' first, to avoid Windows File Protection.
Posted on 2004-05-15 11:54:36 by f0dder
Or doing it without Recovery Console you can use this tool written by me sometime ago (or some other similar tool found on net). Or maybe code your own. The key is MoveFileEx API.

But remember still delete the file from dllcache beforehand.
Posted on 2004-05-15 12:28:38 by SamiP
Posted on 2004-05-15 12:51:39 by f0dder