Hey all,

I'm getting into the wonderful world of web-cams (finally), and have a question if anyone has continued Scronty's lead in developing software for web cams?

I did a board search and didnt dig up too much as to what im looking for. Im hoping to find some examples of FTP or IP transfers of webcam images. I see Scronty had worked on an E-mail sender, however, I was hoping to find something that will goto an FTP, or if i build a recieving program directly to a persons IP. (I have a Baby on the way and I think it would be great for family overseas).

The big problem here is, I have little to no experience with networking related programming. So good examples are definitely needed if I want to persue this idea. ( I looked at freeware software on the net and I havent found something that is (1) simple, (2) free, (3) doesnt bloat up your OS ~ i.e. MSN ). It would be ideal to send a 30kb app that would allow my server software to connect to this app and send picture frames and maybe a 1 to 1 text chat window below.

If anyone thinks they can point me to web resources to read on this topic, or has C / VB / ASM examples they know of that might help, it would be appreciated. Thanks to scronty, getting the web-cam going is actually the easy part :alright: (Thanks again Scronty :alright: )

Posted on 2004-05-15 21:33:56 by NaN
nan, here is a simple program that connects to an ftp server and retrieves data. maybe this might get you started with the basics. its not pretty code but should work for you.
Posted on 2004-05-16 17:32:56 by smurf
Thanks Smurf, I will study it up. Anything helps at this point :alright:

Posted on 2004-05-17 08:33:29 by NaN