I am planning to by a mobile phone and subscribe to a cellular service.

What are some of the best mobile phones (makes and models) today? I hear Nokia is best.

Who offers the best, most reliable celluar service? Price is not a problem given that the service is best. AT&T?

Where is a good place to buy find these mobile phone(s) and service(s)?

I know someone who went with Verizon. I think the phone is also made by Verizon. Either the phone is bad or the service is bad because there is heavy static when talking from long distance such as out-of-state (say Las Vegas to Los Angeles).

The reason I am asking this questions is because of the bad experience described above.


Posted on 2004-05-16 00:19:16 by kuphryn
It'd going to be hard for people to discuss services with you when they dodn't know what country your from :) .

As for phones, I've always used nokia and if you stick to one type of phone you get so used to its interface that it becomes very hard to change. So I can't help but be a bit biased when I recommend nokia phones. That said though, I haven't had any major problems with my phones, they are incredibly sturdy one even survived a trip through the washing machine in my pocket. I have freinds with siemens and they wouldn't have any major complaints either.
Posted on 2004-05-16 07:15:52 by Eóin
Okay. Thanks.

I think AT&T is supposed to be the best cellular service provide all-around.

Posted on 2004-05-16 10:36:59 by kuphryn
Good old nokia 3310. It's a bit slow when navigating the interface sometimes, but that doesn't matter too much - the phone is so rugged that I've dubbed it the Nokialashnikov. Later models are somewhat less robust though - I've dropped my phone and thrown with it etc so many times, and it still works fine. My younger brother have some later model that's supposed to be even more sturdy, but it defuncted after he accidentally dropped it.
Posted on 2004-05-16 10:45:38 by f0dder
I use a nokia 6150 that has been passed down from my mother. It has this tenderncy to auto reboot while I am typing an extremely long sms. Anyway, I like the model, small and light and has all the feature that I need. In my opinion I think nokia phones are generally easiler to navigate than phones from other companies. My sister also used to own a nokia phone (either it is 6150 or 3310 I cannot really recall) and she dropped it into toliet bowl. But after let it to dry, the phone works. volia. However I have a few that dipped her 6150 into the sea, it ended up being a "vibrating soap bar".
Posted on 2004-05-16 10:57:10 by roticv
Sony/Ericsson t630 is supposed to be a pretty nice phone too.
Posted on 2004-05-16 11:01:04 by f0dder
I live in both Southern and Northern California.

I do not do much communication via cellphone. Nonetheless, when I do talk I want the communicate line to be extremely reliable and superb quality (clear line).

I'd like a phone that features "silent" ring (shack). The sound of a phone right is really annoying. It'd be nice to have an interface that lights up in the dark (very easy to see buttons, etc).

Posted on 2004-05-16 11:08:02 by kuphryn
I found out more information from the person I mentioned whose mobile phone and service is really bad.

Model: LG
Service: Verizon

I hear very good response for Verizon. So I think the main problem is the LG mobile phone. It is no good!

I will go with Verizon or Cingular service and definitely Nokia phone. Nokia seems simple and works great.

Posted on 2004-05-17 17:47:42 by kuphryn