There are various enhancements to GoAsm and GoLink. In particular GoAsm will now assemble Unicode files (both UTF-8 and UTF-16).

This means you can now use a Unicode command line; use input, output, raw data and include files with Unicode filenames; you can use comments in Unicode in your source script; you can have code and data labels in Unicode (and resource IDs in RC files using GoRC); defined words in Unicode, and also names of exported functions.

So now you can write all your source code in your own language, including all your data and function calls.

To assist in Unicode programming and in Unicode/ANSI switching there are some new features including a new STRINGS directive and 8' and A' overrides (as well as the existing L' override) to help get the strings right. There is also a new switchable type indicator which also doubles-up as a switchable character size value.

The new Unicode features come with a comprehensive help file including three Hello Unicode test programs.

GoLink now works with a Unicode command line, command files and output and can used with files with Unicode file names.
(GoRC already works with Unicode files, input and output).

These enhancements to GoAsm and GoLink are available from here as GoAsm 0.49.10 beta and pre-release GoLink 0.24
Jeremy Gordon
(author of GoAsm assembler and tools)
Posted on 2004-05-17 14:49:32 by jorgon