When the addin is installed, a wizard will replace the "new project" dialog
box. There are three options:

1. Create a new empty project
After choosing the project type, a new project will be created.

2. Create a new project from a template
Choose a template project (projects found typically at
C:\WinAsm\Templates), and a target folder (you can create a new one)
and the addin will copy all files from the template into the target
directory. After that, the new project file will be opened.

3. Create a new project from existing sources
After choosing a project type, you will be prompted for a list of
files to be automatically included in the new project. Use this
option if you want to convert an existing project for with another IDE
to WinAsm Studio.

Additionally, this addin provides an extra feature: if you use any environment
variables in the template WAP file, they will be expanded when creating the
new project. There are also some "special" environment variables provided by
the addin (folders are always given without the ending backslash):

%project% Project filename
%folder% Project folder
%title% Project title
%wafolder% WinAsm folder
%waaddins% Add-Ins folder
%wabin% Bin folder
%wainc% Include folder
%walib% Library folder

As always, feedback is welcome :)

Posted on 2004-05-19 09:30:11 by QvasiModo

Really useful Add-In for both newbies and experienced users.

Posted on 2004-05-19 10:52:11 by akyprian