Has anyone implemented fstream class?
Posted on 2004-05-20 02:40:52 by Homer
I dont know if you have had a chance to go through the OOP package BiteRider prepared, but there is a DiskStream class, which inherits from Stream. It will do streaming file IO.

Posted on 2004-05-22 23:29:58 by NaN
Unfortunately not... Biterider still seems not to have resolved his hosting issues :( Nevermind, I'm too lazy to implement filestreaming for now, I don't truly need it, was for the input stage to a (thankfully sequential) compression algo based on Sequitur.
Posted on 2004-05-24 01:16:24 by Homer
Hosting Issues??
Posted on 2004-05-24 12:23:06 by NaN
Yeah, after Tripod axed his page, he moved to a new provider which imposes a <256kb filesize transfer limit, thus ensuring I could not download the package from there, which I have alerted Biterider to already, and have offered to host his files as well.
Posted on 2004-05-25 00:53:56 by Homer
If you know of a working free site, i will upload it (seeing BiteRider is busy these days).

I tried a couple sites last night, and keep getting duds. They seem like they'll work, until you give them you email (dont worry, its my hotmail crap account) and find out there is secret limitations, like, max upload limit is 1MB, on a 20MB free hosting site :rolleyes:

I need to be able to upload a 1.5Mb package...

Posted on 2004-05-26 17:14:55 by NaN
Yeah as I said, I'm happy to put them up, when I threw a lil upload script on my dumpsite I discovered that the admin has disallowed me using the @copy php script command, so I'll have to think of another way (I can create and write files fine :tongue: ), I'll sort it out asap
Posted on 2004-05-27 02:14:50 by Homer
Your PM'd Link doesnt work... (sorry to reply publically, but you email is full)

If you have an FTP address i will up it directly... (dont worry about passwords, i really dont care to keep such things :) )
PM me again if yor ok with this...

Posted on 2004-05-27 11:39:37 by NaN
I gave you an incorrect link.
Nevermind, Biterider sorted his hosting issue and I have the package in my hot little hands...
Posted on 2004-06-03 10:54:20 by Homer