may I calculate a size of pe exe files by using only exe headers.
not use getfilesize api or the others.
only using header data !!
is it possible and how.
if any body now
I'm waiting an example here or ->

by mavci
Posted on 2004-05-20 13:57:06 by mavci_reber
the search button is your friend.. use it
Posted on 2004-05-20 15:29:46 by evlncrn8
I tried but
didnt find any data about it!
can anybody help me???
Posted on 2004-05-20 18:30:59 by mavci_reber
find largest value of (IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER.PointerToRawData+IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER.SizeOfRawData) in section table
Posted on 2004-05-20 19:07:57 by comrade
the PE headers can, theoretically, be out of order... so, theoretically, you should find the largest pointerToRawData and add align(SizeOFRawData,header.FileAlign)... but that's pretty theoretical, the windows loader will problable b0rk on such images. Doesn't hurt to be "correct" though, and the code is small.
Posted on 2004-05-20 20:03:49 by f0dder