actually you're banned every time because you don't abide by it

I've told you many times but you don't get it or refuse to get it.
Posted on 2004-05-23 16:02:32 by Hiroshimator
I have been banned on multiple occasions without actually having broken any of the rules mentioned on this forum. You yourself even admitted it (if you want, I can dig up my ICQ logs), Scronty also agreed, and I think f0dder aswell.
Posted on 2004-05-23 16:32:30 by Scali
Jonny Five was the name of a robot and they effectionately referred to him as just "Five". I only mention this because five is my favorite number.
Posted on 2004-05-23 19:05:56 by bitRAKE
i agree with you partly, scali, but sheesh ... relax :)

consider this ...

if a person (Foo) is listening to another person (Zab) Foo is the consumer and
Zab is the producer. agree ?

If Foo (the consumer) now speaks to Zab, and Zab listens, the roles have
become reversed. Zab is the consumer, and Foo is the producer.

This is pretty much equiv to the browsers transaction with the website. As soon
as I hit "Submit Reply" down there, your browser will be the Consumer and mine
the Producer.

If we analyse it lower-level, first in http transaction:
Client: Get <website>
Server: OK: <here it is>
Client: Post <some info>
Server: OK: <here is your response>

So in this case, we can see that the Client initially must be the producer,
producing the request of "GET" for the server, who is the Consumer.

Then, the server is the producer back to the client of information.

and so on.

do you agree ?

(i.e: answer = both).

-- -------------------------------------------------------------
btw: what was your previous nick here ? just fmi.
Posted on 2004-05-24 01:04:49 by abc123
This will be my last pots explaining what I say from the first post and I repeat in a lot of diferent ways (also thank it let me understand some things) :)

I disagree on producing information with the browser, when you enter data in a form on a webpage (eg this forum).
The data was already there, as was the form (which is the same in any browser, right?). You use the browser as a medium again, to transport the information that was created elsewhere.

The browser is used equal than the front-end or GUI of all the applications wich this one is driven his work, that is the objetive of have a graphic OS can access commands in a easy way. See that you can separate the GUI from your app and the functionality of your app depend on the commands that can be recieved (keys and mouse) in a interface, there are special app that let you desing the interface (GUI), and there are some times invested time in organize it, also it depend to on the functionality of the application, also you can have a command-line based interface like when you use a command-line browser (I dont use none, but there are some on linux), but in fact for use the application you need a interface.

I mean, if I would have typed this message in any other browser than the one I'm currently using, you'd still be reading the exact same story.

The hability of use any broswer for enter the data and display it is completely of no significance watched the enviroment (internet) and all that come with internet.

The forum software decides both what information you can receive, and what information you can send (and in what form), not the browser.
So I still think the forum software is the producer.

The browser with the help of you, equal than photoshop can not create a image if you dont make the necesary actions for at less start it. The browser chose what page to open and what data to send when you do the necesary actions (I will try more in dept in ^).

Does a browser produce information, or consume?

The broswer can produce.
That is, if you use one browser, will you get different information than when you use another browser?

You will obtain the same information, but that question have no sense watching other time at the enviroment that is designed.
Or is it more like a tv? No matter what tv, you tune into the same channels/information.

Is not like a TV, yes, you can switch from page to page, but when the page have forms it can generate information. Maybe you are thinking that for example "cablevision" you can broswe for the programmation, but is diferent than when a page have forms, you can not only search but you can submit info and change information in other hd.

If you think that my argumentations are not right, then let me put some documents.

The first is a modular solution (at less like I say, the problem be solved is the same, but the application can have modularity or if your prefer granularuty over the net). The second take care of what say abc123 about the communication scheme and I think that example is also good.

The third , also you can go to the site there they have what I describe that do the browser with the server, interpreter and database in a graphical way. Also the document say that is from IDC

About this document, they describe someting called software for DeliveryWare I think from start from this thread I was describing that a broswer is a DeliveryWare, they match exaclty what I say about broswer, see the section "What Is Needed to Implement DeliveryWare?"

You know that there are programms that let you create apart the GUI interface, you take the time for be easy for use, but also you take the time that let you access the functions in a easy way, also the develop of the GUI depend in what functions you whant that the user can manipulate, for example you put in a menu "save as tex", but in the functions that you have, there is none that do that, then have no sense put it there, also If you implement the function SaveAsTEX and by a error in the design of GUI you miss put the control that will let you access this function that will have no sense too. Is the same with the broswer, like I say in the past is a polymorphic application, in the way that it can only interpret html (js, vbs and others also need follow a rule for be inserted in html), and the modularity of this application let it be morph trought diferent sites. Yes it depend on the content that is sended equal than a application with GUI depend on what functions can be called.

Also my real last point here... haved backup my arguments with all the previous info and documents of corporations ;)

Maybe your last point is that the broswer can not produce nothing with simple html.

Lets attack that last problem, html define rules for display text (formats), display images, put links (for download new things that was not in your computer before), save page (like bitRAKE say new data in the disck), but also define forms, and with the forms are defined two diferent methods GET and POST also a form not only is there, can reciebe new input, like a paint program can recibe input from the mouse process it with post or get and send to the server, yes it is like a front-end for an application, is more like a GUI of any application that call the respective funtions depending on the user actions GetMessage and translate message, also a little or almost all of the traditional WndProc is decided on the client said, because in the client said is where the remote calls are have the origin, the forms are recollector of information new data you fill it (like when you register for an e-mail) then they can generate info, is like when you whant a new card, there is a person (a recollector) that question you some things, with this new data that he/she recibes can create new info for be used in others instances.

Also I take that what you say, if is both then is only a producer.

Have nice day or night.
Posted on 2004-05-24 10:08:05 by rea