ok i need to write a program using asm68k and im stuck

the program needs to find the result of the expression A*B/C = X where A,B,C are single number keys input from the keyboard. the multiply is executed before the divide obviously.
I need to print the result as two hex digits.
also need to make use of subroutines

eg sample screen:
3*6/2 = 09
7*8/3 = 12 & 2 remainder
6*7/6 = 07

anyone can help?
Posted on 2004-05-24 01:45:50 by doolz
Well erm, study the M68k Programmer's Reference Manual.
Work out how to convert values to their ASCII representation and vice versa.
Study the reference of your input/output subroutines.
Posted on 2004-05-24 05:56:13 by Scali