Hello all,

I got another question for the more experienced....

I finally got my WinXP installed correctly, and working well. I installed it on a second formatted partition (NTFS). The old system from win98se is still on a previous partition and operational. However, I want to also format it and reinstall Win98SE for a while until im fully satisfied with the XP philosophy.

My Question is this. The existing Win98SE is on the primary partition (C: ) and Windows XP on (D: ). (D: ) got reformated to NTFS, but (C: ) is still FAT32. (C: ) also has the boot.ini set up for the dual boot between partitions since its the primary partition. Because of this, i can't simply go "Format C:\ /s" because i will loose my Dual boot data (locking me out from booting up XP again). How should i go about formating (C: ) such that the dual boot is preserved?? I suppose i could use XP to delete all directories since it reads FAT32... but is there a better way?

(The other problem is I dont really know what files are used in the root of (C: ) for the dual boot. I've only identified boot.ini so far, but i suspect there is other files).

As well, if i wanted to format a third partition to NTFS (E: ), i though all i had to do was right-click format from XP. But this is not working... Says a utility is open, but there is nothing open.... :confused:

Thanks for the help...
Posted on 2004-05-25 13:53:37 by NaN
Hmm no suggestions as of yet.. I must have found a good topic here <lol>...

I will see what i can dig up on the MSDN, i guess.

Posted on 2004-05-26 17:11:05 by NaN
formatting your fat32 win9x drive isn't a problem - reinstalling win9x is. Why? Because it will see "oh, there isn't a win9x MBR record there, I'll rewrite the MBR bootcode". This means you get silly 9x bootcode that doesn't do magic wonders like NT bootcode.

Your solution is to backup the MBR of drive C... or install win9x, then run the recovery console from your original XP boot CD and do a fixmbr.
Posted on 2004-05-26 17:16:52 by f0dder
Thanks for this tip...

If i understand this correctly:

(1) Boot with Win98SE boot disk
(2) Format the master partition (C: ) with system files option
(3) Install Windows 98SE
(4) Change bios to boot from CD
(5) Boot up Win XP Recovery Console from CD
(6) Enter partion and Admin passwords to get to NTFS partition (D: )
(7) Use the command "FIXMBR" . Since im formatting the primary boot drive, it will automatically fix C: with out any extra parameters.
(8) Cross my fingers
(9) Reboot with BIOS restored to boot from harddisk.
(10) Hopefully have Dual Boot back online for Win98 adn WinXP

Correct me if there is anything i need to watch out for here...

Thanks alot f0dder.

I booted from CD as you suggested and check out the recovery options (which means i can safely get to point 7 above ;) ). However, there is also a FIXBOOT and BOOTCFG option that sounds like it might be required, but im unsure. This is because the BOOTCFG /SCAN only found the one XP installation. It never found the win98se in the existing FAT32 partition. So im wondering if these two are designed for XP/2000 NTFS partitions only?? Can you add any comments on these two additional command line options?
Posted on 2004-05-26 23:07:18 by NaN
hm... *thinking*.

Btw, before doing any of this, you'll want a boot CD (BartPE, for instance) capable of NTFS read/write (it's nice not being limited to the, indeed pretty limited, recovery console).

Iirc fixboot is used to re-install partition bootsectors, which shouldn't be necessary (win9x install really shouldn't touch any partitions but the one you install to - although never say never). Dunno about bootcfg.

Anyway, _if_ you install 9x and fixmbr, you will probably find that it doesn't show up in the NT boot menu. You'll have to add some entry to boot.ini , and I can't really remember the format of this. You might also need to extract the 9x partition bootloader and call it bootsect.dos , and place it on your XP partition. There's probably some linux HOWTO on using the NTLDR to boot 9x, NT, linux...

Btw, can't understand why you want dualboot - best way to get familiar with a system is to dive head in and not look back (for at least a month) :)
Posted on 2004-05-27 02:00:02 by f0dder
Why Dual?

Hardware IO... I do a fair bit of PIC programming with some home-grown equipment. I may not have problems with XP, but if Murfy's Law is truely haunting me as it would seem, I will. Due to ongoing projects (which add to my income) I can not simply *hope* it will be ok. For this initial reason Its best to keep the Win98SE because I know everything works as it should on it....

However, in the long run, I will probably go fully XP. But for now, im still a bit unsure of it. The NTFS system seems sluggish. Programs that popup up in Win98SE are dragging on to get going. RadASM is an example of this. If its not open, and i open a project it takes about 5 seconds to see a window, and another 2 or so to see the project (after spash screen). If its already open, its just the 2 second or so delay for the project file... I hope this gets better (somehow). Im learning to just keep programs open, such as UltraEdit & RadASM.

Anyways, thanks for you help so far! It is appreciated.
Posted on 2004-05-27 02:14:12 by NaN
BTW, another good reason to have a dual boot system is to alow all the virus's and tojans to populate one "care less" OS. I've got the firewall, Antivirus, and Trojan Protectors running in the Win98SE OS. However, every day i have more spyware registry and cookie entries. About once a week i flush them out with AdAware. I never have any real *problem* due to these services, but they still get on and take up resources. Nothing seems to *completely* get ride of them for good (its like Herpies for your OS <lol> ).

I know how i got this problem too. Kazaa Lite. For this reason, i would prefer to keep a second OS to do the MP3 and other searches with Kazaa and related programs. Since MP3's are safe, i can copy them into the NTFS partition to keep at a later point.

Just more thoughts really,
Posted on 2004-05-28 00:54:00 by NaN
NTFS is better than FAT for a number of reasons - that it's journalled is one of the most important for me, and it has saved me from data loss a bunch of times. Yes, journalling does cost a bit performance. However, the different structure of the FS makes handling (and searching) a lot of small files more efficient (well, that's how it feels for me anyway).

There's a number of tweaks you'll probably want to apply, though. One is disabling the "last access" stuff, it slows down things (especially when searching an entire partition), and it's sorta superfluous (you'll still have "last modified").

As for other speed issues, *shrug*. 2k and XP are heavier than 9x, but I can't really feel much of a difference even on my kid brothers' 700mhz athlon, and applications start at least as fast as under 9x. (well, perhaps with the exception of explorer, but I can live with that).

If you want some tips on tweaking XP for better performance, give me a shout :)
Posted on 2004-05-28 02:15:04 by f0dder
Will do.. This file thing is bizarre.. IE6 and Explore opens up in a flash (as would be expected). Even directory surfing is fast. Only the opening of files slows things down..

I read that the NTFS system will not be as fast if you dont do a full format, but rather convert a FAT table to NTFS. However, i *did* do a full format of the parition durring the install... I dont think this is it. I really have no clue what is causing this :confused: (Processes are at 99% idle).

Maybe defrag will help...
Posted on 2004-05-28 02:41:39 by NaN
hi Nan,

I have dual boot too, Win98SE and win2000.

about this issue you have I have faced something differ.

When I want to get rid of the system. I can't just format the C: because it have data that I can't loss.

So if you go on win XP and just delete the windows folder and program files folder. This has deleted all the data you want to delete. But if you want to format for sure. "Format c:/q" I think then you have to do the sequance as you have written in your post. This will fix the boot. I think you want to choose fix system option in the bootable CD progam.

If you want some tips on tweaking XP for better performance, give me a shout

yes, If you please but for windows 2000. I like to know all the underlayings.

Posted on 2004-05-28 17:04:02 by amr
Thats why when my 20GB died and I bought a 40GB, I installed WinME first, this is because once XP is on the drive, the 9x OS's will be a pain to install.
Posted on 2004-05-29 14:46:15 by x86asm

If you want some tips on tweaking XP for better performance, give me a shout :)

I got a question for you. How do I turn of the "automatic update" monitoring.. I wish its little dialog had a "Remind me again -> NEVER" option.

Posted on 2004-06-12 23:43:55 by NaN
Right-click on My Computer -> Properties -> Automatic Updates
Posted on 2004-06-13 05:22:28 by Scali