i need a dl counter but had no idea how to code one.
any ideas ?

Posted on 2001-11-11 19:42:49 by Alfredo
Elaborate man. I have no clue what your talking about? You want to count all of your downloads through out the day? You have a downloader program and wish to count the donwloads?

In any case, if all the downloads are going to the same directory, just open the dir and count it's contents.
Posted on 2001-11-13 01:56:24 by Nokturnal
Nok, I think he wants source for a download counter (i.e. num of bps). If that's the case then Alfredo... You should check out Icz's http downloader example. If I'm not mistaken it has a timer driven proc that handles displaying the num of bps.


Just to clarify, I meant a proc that would display to the user the num of bps during a download.
Posted on 2001-11-13 21:06:24 by Will
Dude if u just want a script for your webserver to count the #times a file has been downloaded, this is the WRONG PLACE !!

Posted on 2001-11-18 02:01:27 by Homer
I had asked for similar source/psuedo code a while back. I had wanted to create a prog to measure internet connectivity speed throughout the day, then create some eye candy...a graph. Someone had posted an example but was created in C++ & didn't work on my OS for some reason. Search for "Internet Connectivity Speed" as i believe that was the title of the post. Good luck. If i run across anything helpfull, i will email you.

Posted on 2001-11-21 02:09:21 by Nokturnal