i got a window which has a status bar, and a menubar
the problem is that the statusbar doesn't include the size of the menu when it positions itself for the first time.
so it always starts just below the bottom of the window, until you resize the window, which makes it in the right spot, can anyone tell me how i can fix this ?
Posted on 2004-05-27 10:47:27 by someone
add a call to SendMessage, hStatusBar, WM_SIZE, 0, 0 into your MainWndProc under WM_SIZE. That should fix it.
Posted on 2004-05-27 11:24:45 by JimmyClif
hey, thanks
i got the status bar to work properly
but now the listbox covers up the status bar, until it's resized (or moved),
tried the same thing (with the handle of the listbox), but it didn't work
any ideas ?
Posted on 2004-05-27 23:06:07 by someone
ah nevermind, i've worked it out, had to create the listbox, then create the menu for some reason
anyway thanks very much for you help
Posted on 2004-05-27 23:08:11 by someone