These days when I am learning with windows control,one question always go on with me,what the essential of windows control ?Is there windows control is kind of window.but if it is ,when I select a Edit control ,the parent window's title must be gray.what the control is??
and when a control work, does it have its own thread or no?It seems that contol and its parent window work parallel.
Can somebody tell something about it ?
And are there some books focus on the essential of windows contol ?
Posted on 2004-05-27 21:45:18 by qiu
Yeah this isnt easy.

Ok think of a window (any window or control) as a drawing canvas consisiting
of two seperate rectangles. The larger one (Frame) and another inside it
(Client area). In the case of an application window, they draw a title bar
at the top with text in it (also draw shadowing and such around it for 3d look).
The Client areas inside it and here it allows you do place other child controls.
These child controls are much the same (two rectangles), but without a drawn
title bar.

To show my point:
Create a main window, and create a button.
Ok everythings normal. Now remove the child style and add appwindow. Now
youll see you have a "button", but it also has a title bar now. It was simply
hidden before.

As for the other question, each application has its own message thread.
Posted on 2004-05-27 23:28:29 by Graebel
sorry Graebel!
I ceate a button on a dilog window,but I cann't see the button.It must something wrong in my code ,can you help me to find it out?

ButtonClassName db "button",0

invoke CreateWindowEx,NULL, ADDR
WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW or WS_VISIBLE, 50,35,200,25,hWnd,8,hInstance,NULL
Posted on 2004-05-28 07:20:08 by qiu

Can someone commend some books on the windows control?

I cann't find any book on this subject in my city (on the essential of control).can sb. tell me ,and I maybe can find a Ebook of it.
Posted on 2004-05-28 08:19:20 by qiu
hi qiu,

About the controls the are treated as a child window of the main window (your form or program interface).

Books, I don't know what you mean good books in controls?

what I know that if you see the MSDN you will get all the help you need to know about working with any control you want to work with it. Even if you want to go further inside. You might need to get the Windows programming manual.

you may want to see this link:

Posted on 2004-05-28 16:40:18 by amr
Perhaps I can answer your question, but I sugest is best find your own answer (for this time, also you will learn some).

Use the search here and find "custom controls", also the NaN tutorial is a good one, then do a simple custom control of your own from scratch and then use one, two or three in an application, then you can get your own observations :).

gl & have fun

Have a nice day or night.
Posted on 2004-05-28 17:39:48 by rea
thanks, hgb

I have found it ,It is useful knownledge.And I download NaN
's <Custom Control Tutorial> ,it is helpfull.

I think I love this froum more now,for the pepole here and the helpfull knownledge .

thanks everyone!!
Posted on 2004-05-29 03:42:06 by qiu