I want to write console Applications,
How can I find 16-bit Linker to use for these applications?
Posted on 2004-05-30 10:29:57 by Khalegh
You do not need the 16bit linker to write console applications

The 16bits linker is only needed to write DOS applications (and maybe OSes)...

Console applications are not DOS or 16 bits code, they are 32bits PE applications that use non-gui functions
Posted on 2004-05-30 10:35:45 by BogdanOntanu
Thanks for your reply.

But I just mean DOS applications not Console applications.
And I need 16-bit Linker for that. How can I get that?
Posted on 2004-05-30 10:49:48 by Khalegh

You can download the 16-bit MS linker from Iczelion's website:


Also, you can try using the linker of Digital Mars, it creates 16-bit DOS executables with smaller header.

Posted on 2004-05-30 11:13:08 by Vortex
Hi Vortex
Tanks for your message. I'll just download it.

Posted on 2004-06-09 05:19:24 by Khalegh
Posted on 2004-06-10 19:45:38 by ZWSOFT

Welcome to the forum.

As you know, Borland's tlink is not free and it creates executables of minimum 4096 bytes.
Posted on 2004-06-11 04:55:46 by Vortex