Hello everybody,

Maybe somebody here has had the same problem and can give me some ideas or links to info.

I want to add a shortcut for my program to the SendTo folder menu and when right clicking a file in windows explorer execute program. This is easy to do and I have no problems there. But how do I capture the filename and path when object is right clicked?

I thought to use FMS_GETFILESEL but this is only for NT and I want my program to be compatible with windows 98.

What is the preferred method of getting the filename and path?

Any help or suggestions would be very welcome.

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Posted on 2004-05-30 13:04:43 by czDrillard
The path of file that is 'sent to' your application is given as the first command line argument.
Posted on 2004-05-30 15:44:46 by stormix
Hi stormix,

Great stuff stormix, just exactly what I was looking for:) Thanks for your help.

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Posted on 2004-05-31 08:22:01 by czDrillard