Does anyone know ways to stabilize my labtop in my car.

It is the sedan by the way,

Posted on 2004-06-01 11:14:13 by Gandalf
rubber springs :P
Posted on 2004-06-01 11:49:42 by f0dder
What i do is use my carrying case. It shock absorbes pretty good. I place my inverter inside the case with the power supply (yes they get warm). It works well, but the sun light often drowns out the screen.

Posted on 2004-06-01 18:02:22 by NaN
You could ofcourse make a custom "docking-station" and install a flatscreen monitor in the car. :alright: Ofcourse this might cost a wee bit tho.. :eek:
Posted on 2004-06-02 03:15:12 by fisk
Have you watched cop's car?

They stabilize their labtop in their car.

How do they do that?
Posted on 2004-06-02 11:10:06 by Gandalf
With screws, bolts, and metal bars...?
Posted on 2004-06-02 11:34:52 by NaN
im employed as a police officer with the arizona highway patrol and in my patrol car (2001 ford crown victoria) i use a laptop stand from Jotto. it cost around 230.00 us and works well. just needed to remove 2 bolts from the passenger side seat for the installation and then reinstalled them. jotto has alot of different options regarding laptop stands.
Posted on 2004-06-02 14:23:50 by smurf
Hey, I once got pulled over between Tucson and Phoenix. One hell of a speeding ticket too. I hope it wasn't you :) But then I have gotten some amazing tickets in my life, got one for doing 55 in a 55 zone, didn't slow down during icy conditions, $80.00 :mad: I tried to say "I'm from fucking Canada, these are summer conditions there !", didn't work.

Is it even legal to have an operating laptop in your car ? I mean most places will give you a fine for talking on the cell phone without a hands-free.
Posted on 2004-06-02 15:39:19 by donkey
Hey, I once got pulled over between Tucson and Phoenix. One hell of a speeding ticket too. I hope it wasn't you

ive been on for about a year now. has it been within a year? generally i dont write speeding tickets on the interstate (posted 75 mph unless construction zone) unless you are exceeding 85 mph or your driving behavior is hazardous in conjunction with your speed. exceeding 85mph in arizona is a criminal offense (misdemeanor) and i can take that individual to jail if i wanted to.

your chances of getting away with just a warning from me if really good if you tell the truth. 85 percent of speed initiated stops that i make insist that they were using their cruise control prior to the stop (stating it was set to below 80mph). even if im behind them pacing them for a mile at 90mph, using a calibrated speedometer, they still insist they were using cruise control.

so basically it a relief to get someone who actually admits to actually speeding. i believe these are the individuals who do not need an educational lesson (citation) in many occasions.
I'm from fucking Canada, these are summer conditions there !

this is another common excuse, along with this isnt my vehicle.. i dont normally drive this. these excuses dont justify hazardous driving.

the question at the time of your incident was whether or not you speed was reasonable and prudent.
Is it even legal to have an operating laptop in your car ? I mean most places will give you a fine for talking on the cell phone without a hands-free

there are other states that have implemented such laws but i have yet to see any law regarding the use of cell phones or laptops in arizona. some cities could establish laws within there juridication regarding this issue.
Posted on 2004-06-02 16:15:52 by smurf
Hi Smurf,

Nah, I think it was in '89. Not sure what it's called but there was a bridge in the middle of nowhere about half way to Phoenix with a small gas station at south end, that's where he got me. You're blind to the other side of the bridge, I can't remember my speed.

The 55 was 55 kmph :) around 30 mph ! I was in town and driving an SUV with winter tires and tire studs there was no way I could slip. But the town is known as a ticket town, it is where the Surete Du Quebec (the provincial police) send the guys who did poorly on their exams, write enough tickets and you get out. This is not conjecture, an SQ officer told me about it once, a little town of 750 people called Malartic with 70 police officers and 30 squad cars for a 150 mile stretch of road. Ticket heaven, got one there once for speeding because I accelerated 20 yards short of the posted limit sign. Needless to say that I don't take that route to Montreal anymore.

By the way this is all in fun, I don't really have anything against cops, well maybe a bit but less than could be construed as normal. :)

I would not drive with a laptop connected anyway, it just seems distracting and dangerous. Better to keep it packed away and get your email notifications by cell phone. After all you shouldn't be doing anything on it while driving anyway.
Posted on 2004-06-02 17:49:24 by donkey
was gandalf actually trying to operate his laptop in his car? 'cuz usually, i just use my legs to compensate, or squish it between my feet if i'm not using it (in a carry case). except i've never actually driven a car while trying to transport my laptop. i've only brought my laptop along in the bus and as a passenger.
Posted on 2004-06-09 16:13:31 by jademtech