KHLA - an alternative front-end for HLA. Makes path finding easier and negates the need for globabl environment variables (except for a PATH pointing to the HLA folder).

Just copy KHLA.exe and KHLA.ini into your HLA folder and make sure the system search path includes the HLA folder.

KHLA is used like HLA on the command-line.

KHLA automatically recognizes the locations of hla\include and hla\hlalib folders and looks for files in the hla\ and hla\bin folders so either make sure all the necessary executables (ML, LINK, rc ect) are in one of those folders, or edit "path" environment variable of KHLA.ini to expand on the default search path.

The KHLA.ini file also allows you to modify other paths (like hlatemp and an object files folder), and includes other advanced features, like the abilty to generate custom linker response files. Look at the documents for more details.
Posted on 2004-06-03 00:49:05 by Kain