Just thought that someone here could help me with this.
I Tried to create a table in an Excel file, using SQL (CREATE TABLE (COL1 CHARACTER(20)). It didn't work. The same statement works fine on any MS Access databse. SELECT statement works fine on both Excel and Access tables. How to create a new table in Excel, using SQL?
Posted on 2004-06-05 17:29:12 by Vaxon
Excel is just a data sheet, and has nothing to do with a database and SQL. So, you can't use SQL to create an excel sheet.

Access, as a database is supposed to work with SQL and I think it's just a coincidence SELECT is present in excel as well.

Then again, who knows, maybe I'm wrong.
Posted on 2004-06-05 20:49:07 by Milos
I messed with this a couple years ago. You can do it.
A couple things I remember running into:

The excel odbc driver opens excel readonly by default.
You have to put a $ after the sheet name. i.e. select * from

I'll see if i can dig any of that stuff up.

Posted on 2004-06-05 21:22:49 by Wayne
Moved to The Heap! :)
Posted on 2004-06-06 06:58:50 by Eóin
Thank you
Posted on 2004-06-07 03:47:50 by Vaxon