how do i truncate a file?

e.g. the file is 23 bytes long, and i want to make it only 16 bytes long:

invoke CreateFile, ...
mov handle, eax
invoke TruncFile, handle, 16
invoke CloseHandle, handle

how can i make that TruncFile function???
Posted on 2004-06-06 07:19:15 by ploptor
Posted on 2004-06-06 08:38:10 by f0dder

(I have to assume that you have the Win32 Programmer's Reference to guide you for the parameters to use. If not, you should get it.)

Posted on 2004-06-06 10:50:59 by Raymond
:stupid: silly me. thanks anyway!
Posted on 2004-06-07 00:30:36 by ploptor