I would like to know if these features about code folding are implemented in RadASM :

1) Special keyword to fold code. For example :

begin_fold comment

begin :

2) Memorizing of code folded when switching between asm file or asm project. For example, whan I reopen a project, all code folded (including if..else..endif, etc...) are like I save it.

If not, do you think they could be some good features ?

Posted on 2004-06-06 08:14:51 by golemxiii
Hi golemxiii

That would be a nice feature. Unfortunally it is not so nice trying to save and restore that information.

Posted on 2004-06-06 09:16:26 by KetilO

Thank you for answering...

I think it's difficult to implement this because of richedit, is'n it ? I don't know if you have source and can modify it. But if you have it, this is that you can do :

- Before saving a source file, get all line numbers where code is folded and put them in INI file
- After loading a source file, get all line numbers from INI file and fold code with them

Posted on 2004-06-06 09:36:18 by golemxiii