Hi all,

WinAsm Studio V3.0.1.6 is available from my site.

What's new

-Focus rectangle routine improvements

-Improvements for replace option

-Find Dialog new option: "Current Project"-Please test thouroughly (Thanks andrew_k, DC)

-Save a list of FIND words so that after restarting WinAsm Studio we have our previous FIND list ready to go-20 most recent entries are saved(Thanks cmax)

-Under cirtain circumstances, multiple min/max/close buttons and RCOptions/Toolbox docking windows not shown(Thanks qvasimodo)

-Very much faster project saving and thus faster "Make"

-Tooltips are now a bit longer(Thanks Qvasimodo)

-Right-clicking on the DialogsTree when there was no Dialog in the RC file, cuased a crash under Win2K(Thanks thierry)


Posted on 2004-06-10 05:44:54 by akyprian
hi, Is the link to your site down ?
Posted on 2004-06-26 03:02:16 by h4ng4m3

I don't face any problems with my site: http://www.code4u.net/winasm



PS. It's been so much time we haven't heard from you!
Posted on 2004-06-26 06:55:10 by akyprian