Hi KetilO,

I am trying to configure RadAsm for C/C++ compiler :). Either i am doing wrong or such else.

Code=),void $,dword $,char $,LRESULT $,int $,BOOL $,long $
Struct=};,struct $
i used this. But there are 2 problem so far.

1. The ")" as KeyEnd is not accepting for IDE. In fact "$" is failed as KeyEnd too.

For example,
dword myProc(dword first,second)
i thought ")" is a good choice for this. But unfortunatly was a bad idea. Meanwhile "}" is not good because we will need { and } in proc for loops etc.

Then i tried a fake KeyEnd for this job. This is,
}//MyProc(dword first,second)
i thought to use this by replacing "$" but failed too.

2. ";" problem.

I tried to use ";" as KeyEnd for datas but in .ini file after ";" is just commented by default. (Just for HLA.ini this not a problem since ";" is at the end of line for each line.)

I think, for using ";" char, maybe use like {;}. Or Whatever char/chars in curly brackets.
And also thought, maybe same idea can be use for KeyEnd. I mean, this will allow us to use more then one char as KeyEnd. For example my way,
}//MyProc(dword first,second) << " Code = $,dword $,void $,long $ "
i used,


Only my opinions. Dont know how hard to be implement or useful for you and maybe other users.

BTW, if these will be possible, you may need to change project name as RadAsmCppHTML... :) Meanwhile again thank you for sharing this good ide with us. For me, really, this is the best ide for everyone. Like allpurpose Switzerland army knife.

Posted on 2004-06-10 15:12:45 by cakmak