im sure i should post this on another forum but seeing how this is my favorite forum and i know you are all very smart people i figured i'd ask my question here because. im more likely to get an answer from this forum. anyway, i was just wondering if anyone knew how to unlock the multiplier on a pentium 4 or if anyone know's if it is even possible? if anyone has any info. on this subject i'd love to here about it. also another question i had is why is it that i have to sign in 10 billion times? ~HeXeN
Posted on 2004-06-13 01:41:37 by HeXeN
1. Hardware locked, maybe with alternate microcode... but highly unlikely
2. Browser security settings concerning cookies
Posted on 2004-06-13 02:07:50 by SpooK
Intel's Engineering Samples are usually unlocked. Perhaps you can find one of them being sold on ebay or so.
Posted on 2004-06-13 05:16:16 by Scali