As I promised, here's my FTP-Server code w/o interface

Why did I wrote it? Because I didnt found any on ASSEMBLER

It is almost multi-client but it is switching directory using SetCurrentDirectory, that means each client does not have some private "current directory".

When client is connected Server assigns a personal structure and thread to it.
Why thread? Because all sockets are blocking-mode, but im planning to utilize these threads, because there are some unknown unlimited loop's been when i tried MSIE as client.

Also there's problem with source: not heave commented, lightly

What Server allowed to do:

    [*]Make directory
    [*]Download restarting
    [*]Delete(only files)
    [*]PASSIVE data connection - buggy, same port used: 1337

    about clients, successfuly tested with (as clients):
Posted on 2004-06-13 06:16:00 by zabnik
dosn?t work for me.. (win XP) and i dont understand the commented language..
Posted on 2004-06-13 20:15:13 by Rygar
Oops, forgot to tell, the port is 1942 not 21, and as i wrote above, app doesnt have any windows it stays hidden, look at taskmon
Posted on 2004-06-15 04:39:46 by zabnik
I can help you code a gui if I have the time and if you want.
Posted on 2004-06-15 09:48:29 by roticv
Sometimes ago I did a FTP with WININET.DLL...i.e. with dll created for Windows...

Mine is working...I saw yours, but I think it is not used wsock.dll...

go to FTP with WININET

If you also want to see my site about assembler go to ... Assembler

Me I used wininet and it works correctly...but with wininet it is impossible (see almost) to use asynchrone mode...

I think if you like mathematics and physics you will be happy...

Good enjoy for you and for all whose are interested by Computer Science....


"The better way is to do all by oneself"
Posted on 2004-06-19 08:24:08 by gerard

Excuse for the response I have made for you...

Your program is not bad...and is more powerful than I thought it...

First thing...try to build a window...yes your program is loaded in memory prefers to see a window ...we are pragmatics...

Mine (i.e. program) is only a client...yours is a Server...(although I very well know that with WindowsXP one can use it like a FTP site)...
Second thing try to use WSA with API WSAAsyncSelect like that your program will not work in a blocked state...

Me I was obssessed by a program using WSOCK to made a Net like eMule ...and it is for that I watched your program in quick view ...but after a certain time I came back to your program and put a good eye in it....

I repeat me, try to re-mold your program by creating a window and using WSAAsyncSelect ...

Good work...


In this forum one can always find help or advices ...
Posted on 2004-06-19 09:49:09 by gerard
Im making a window right now, im unsure how long it takes but it will be finished and will support as many as possible Clients, Commands, and Server options
Posted on 2004-06-19 17:15:16 by zabnik