are there any similar program like this i was looking around for some basic alternatives at and found this at the bottom of the page and i was just wondering if anyone knew of anything similar to it? i think its a great idea. right at the moment im getting error messages on the site that are saying Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!
The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer
you may get these to but maybe later it should work or i could upload it so everyone could check it out. its about 2.50 megs. but if anyone has already tried and heard about it i'd love to hear about anything similar to this. btw if anyone is wondering why i posted this on this forum it's because it uses masm ;x ~HeXeN
Posted on 2004-06-15 04:01:12 by HeXeN
Hrm, both those URLs have "BASIC" in them, and yet you say "great idea"? :confused: :confused: :confused:
Posted on 2004-06-15 06:31:01 by f0dder
i meant blunt axe basic as an addon for masm ;x
Posted on 2004-06-15 12:51:31 by HeXeN