hi all,

i've a really strange trouble, after many searchs on the net without success i try here.

If i call GetOpenFileNeme, and after the file dialog is closed for a file selection, i do a CreateFile with CREATE_ALWAYS, to create a new different file with name and path different from the file selected in the commondialog, CreateFile give error, GetLastError give ERROR_NOACCESS.
If i don't call GetOpenFileName, and then i do CreateFile, the api create the file correctly.
If i call GetOPenFileName and then i click "abort" instade of choosing a file, the next CreateFile create the new file correctly.

So, seems that if i choose a file in the dialog, then the next CreateFile with different name and path, give ERROR_NOACCES and i really can't understand why.

Every help is very appreciated.
Posted on 2004-06-17 11:32:04 by Bit7
ok, solved, thx anyway.

To caouse the problem was a very strange thig. In Tasm syntax local arrays are defined as

local myvar: byte: 10

i was writing a space after "byte"... and this was causing the error at the first CreatFile.... mmm but tasm compile anyway. :(
Posted on 2004-06-18 07:13:57 by Bit7