I have made a few changes to the GoAsm implementation for RadASM. Mostly to bring it up to date as I found that the RadASM.INC file etc.. were falling a little behind. I have also updated the GoAsm version of VKim to allow for the new STRINGS UNICODE switch that is present as of GoAsm 0.5, the debug functions will now properly decide whether the passed string is Unicode or Ansi and handle it accordingly. While I had the debug.lib open I took the opportunity to add a few new runtime debugging commands...

PrintQWORD will output a QWORD value
PrintQWORDHex will output a QWORD value in hex
DumpMMX will dump the MMX registers

I also fixed the PrintText function when a Unicode string is passed to it.

Also I updated the templates to reflect the new STRINGS directive as well and to fix up a few annoyances with them. I have reverted all of them back to jump chains from jump tables to meet with a couple of requests I had.

The files are available as part of the RadGoAsm.zip file from my website...

Posted on 2004-06-17 16:47:46 by donkey
There was a slight problem with the DumpMMX function, I neglected to call emms on exit and it would present a problem if you attempted to use PrintQWORD directly afterwards. It has been fixed and the new file uploaded.
Posted on 2004-06-17 17:57:24 by donkey
There was a minor problem with Debug.a, if ASSERT was used with an empty string ("") in Unicode mode there would be an error. This appears to be a bug in GoAsm 0.5 but was easily taken care of by forcing ANSI for that string. The DumpMMX routine has also been sped up a bit. This should take care of all the problems I have found.
Posted on 2004-06-19 13:04:25 by donkey