Just a quick query

I'm using softice to debug my asm proggys under w98, but I want to move to XP. Will softice still work or do you need a new version?

Posted on 2001-11-13 17:24:54 by Maelstrom
Softice for W9x is not compatible with Windows NT / W2K / XP. You need a new verion.
Posted on 2001-11-13 17:49:57 by jmp $FCE2
Do I need to get the NT/w2000 version or is there a version for XP
Posted on 2001-11-13 19:13:53 by Maelstrom

Here is what NuMega has to say about running Softice on XP.

"SoftICE Support for the XP/Whistler beta OS
Softice supports several different builds of Whistler. version 2.0.1 will support XP beta 2 only."

-- MadPrgmr --
Posted on 2001-11-14 11:40:08 by madprgmr
on their site you can download some .sys file upgrade for some softice version, but it was higher then 4.05 and i don't have that ;(

anyway, look for it, it is findable ;)

if you get it work, please mail me. thx

Posted on 2001-11-14 14:13:41 by lifewire
I have downloaded the .sys file that you are talking about and have not had much luck with it (running into various problems).
Posted on 2001-11-14 17:40:02 by madprgmr
Currently Softice does not work on XP, not even the version that comes w/ RC1 of DriverStudio 2.5. However I think that's slightly off topic here.
Posted on 2001-11-15 02:19:16 by jmp $FCE2
Yeah, it's a bit offtopic... someone could get the impression you have
not bought softice, and is looking here for support instead of at
numega... We want to keep this site clean and unbustable, remember? :).

As for softice+xp... no luck. Even with driverstudio, it's flaky (and
you might want to add in a few other words, like the f-word and
worse). I dunno about the .sys update, I have heard very different

Also, this question should definitely not have gone into general->masm32.
The heap would have been more appropriate.

And well... read your docs or ask numega for help. If you for some
reason can't do that ;), try to find another forum.. I'd like the win32asmboard
to stay, and seeing what dumb pricks trialware.org is, even mentioning
the words "crack" or "warez" (such as I have just done) could be
enough for them to try and get a board shut down. Ignorant fools.

Good luck, Malestrom. Guess why I stick to win2k and even have
a dualboot for win98se? :).
Posted on 2001-11-15 07:59:58 by f0dder
A friend of mine, erm, tried an evaluation version *cough* of DS 2.5 RC1 *cough* I forgot who it was though *cough* ;)

What's the F-word ? :grin:
Posted on 2001-11-15 11:23:58 by jmp $FCE2
Thanks for the help guys, I can only hope that Numega comes out with a version for XP soon.

P.S Sorry for putting this in the wrong area

Posted on 2001-11-15 15:36:58 by Maelstrom