Hi All,

In another hopeless attempt to get some help I am once again asking for submissions for RadASM help.

I will begin updating it next week and probably have a new version out by July 3/4. I would like people to submit some articles on various things, it doesn't matter what subject and they will be edited so grammar and spelling don't matter. I would especially like to add to the assembler specific notes, MASM, FASM,HLA and TASM all need alot of work, they are sadly outdated. Also some new features have been added since, which was the last time it was updated to any extent, the RadASM readme file lists the additions/bug fixes anything on the new features would be nice. Plain text, DOC or HTML is fine for the submissions.

Also I want to add a few new things to the FAQ, if there is any thread that you think should be added or little gem of information please post it here.

Lastly, there are alot of things in the file that no longer apply or have been changed, any thing you find in the current help that is outdated would be appreciated as well.
Posted on 2004-06-24 15:42:41 by donkey
Hi Donkey

Here is an up to date RadASMini.rtf file.
I will make a list of new features added since

Posted on 2004-06-25 06:24:44 by KetilO
Hi Donkey

Here is the list of new things since
Let me know if you want more info on the new things.

New since
- Added Qweerdy's RadHelp addin.
- You can now set default VersionControl options with addin manager.
- You can now drag and drop multiple files to open them.
- You can now do a multiselect in File Open dialog to open multiple files.
- Code properties named scope ending can be made optional ($ endp ---> ? endp).
- Code properties auto refresh (Option/Code Editor Options/Code Properties/Auto refresh list).
- Static controls can now have verticaly centered text.
- Text drag and drop support.
- Project / Scan Project. Scans a Project for a word. Result to output.
- Added option to hilite active line.
- Added debug path setup.
- Made file extention handeling more flexible for those who uses RadASM to edit other sources than assembly.
- Added include / includelib file listbox. You must update assembler.ini section
- Project wizard now has a template selection dialog.
- Project wizard now can have max 16 project types.
- Make menu can now have max 16 menu items.
- Multiple (private) api files (Call=masmmasmApiCall.api,masmmasmMasm32Call.api,masmmasmMyApiFile.api).
- More flexible block collapse / expand. Optional named ending ($ endp --> ? endp).
- Added syntax hiliting of numbers and hex values.
- Added Explore to Project Filebrowser context menu.
- Added multiselected controls can now be moved using keyboard.
- Improvements to Project Filebrowser. (File delete and '\' goes up one level).
- Added Reopen File to File menu.
- Added Empty Undo Buffer to Edit menu.
- Added Find Next Word. Finds next occurance of word under caret.
- Indent marker. Set color using Option / Colors & KeyWords / Indent marker.

Posted on 2004-06-30 05:26:43 by KetilO
I've been thinking for a while - that there might be a need to handle kindda "Hot-keys map".
I give an example from my real situation.
I used to use F12 to load current project exe to OllyDbg.
Once after some new RadAsm realise I found that F12 now internally assinged by RadAsm module. Well.. I thought.. - since I already got used to loading in debugger by F12 - lets re-assing it to something "near" it. I tried ctr-F12 - and found that it is also internally assinged by RadAsm. And so on - I was forced to get picture on what hot-key combination is already assinged
to find a "empty room" which needed to be both "empty" and convinient to me.
It's just one example. Of course one can argue - since you use RadAsm freaquently you already should have impression what keys and combination are already assinged and not available anymore. Well.. there are some (if not say many) function in RadAsm (and it's good) that one particular programmer doesn't need. And not using them means nothing bad yet he didn't keep track of hot-keys assing to invoke them. And finding new "free" hot-key combination might take quite a while for the one.
OK so what we have about "Hot-Keys":
Hot-Keys internally assigned by RadAsm.
Hot-Keys assinged through ini and other kind of files.
Macros and ToolsHelp Menus.
First thought (easiest) to make kinda "chart" organized not by function but by Hot keys and Hot combination enumeration. Wich is to show what hots are already assinged and what are yet available.
Something like
F1 -
F2 -
And so on.
It can be done in HelpFile or other reference file.
At least it will help if you put there just "internally assinged keys" and organize it not by function (it's good and keep it in RadAsm.chm anyway, but it's not convinient to find free "hots") but by structure.

The better yet more difficult approach - create special tool with some kind database in kernel of it and many function usefull to handle, refference and so on in situations when hot keys involved.
The core of database should be "constant" keys - internally assigned by RadAsm module, others it will retrive from ini files to add to the list of intervnally assinged thous hots information of which is in inis (Macros, Tools Menu, Helps etc.)
Such an app. might have lots of usefull funcs:
Check if a "hot" already assinged,
Show available for assingment keys,
Group assing key by some createria (internal, macro, tools for example)
and so on.
Posted on 2004-07-30 04:39:06 by The Svin