I am new to programming Windows.
If I want to write a message to the screen, can I use another window than a MessageBox?
How can I do it?
How can I write with different colors and fonts in that same window box?
I am using Windows XP.
Thank you,
Posted on 2004-06-28 11:06:16 by zenglei
Yes to all, it is actually fairly simple. Windows offers 2 alternatives, Dialogs and windows. For a beginner, generally dialogs are a bit easier to use because you can design them in a visual editor like RadASM (available for free in the IDE section). For colors and text fonts you will have to search the board for some examples of the WM_CTLCOLOR messages, it depends on what type of control you are displaying the text in but the WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message may be what you are looking for. I would suggest that you download RadASM and take a look at some of the templates, for example the Dialog template will demonstrate how to do exactly what you want and even write most of the simple code for you. You can also design your dialog in a visual editor much like VB.

In addition check out Iczelion's tutorials. They are available in CHM format from..

Posted on 2004-06-28 11:30:30 by donkey