I'm trying symbolic debugging in Visual Studio 6.0 Introductory edition. I use MASM and Microsoft's linker.
I have a problem: All modules, which I link together, contains debugging informations, but one of them is in OMF format, others are in COFF format. When I set cursor in OMF module and press Ctrl-F10 - Run to cursor, VS says that "Cannot set a breakpoint at the cursor location" and sets the breakpoint at the very first instruction in the source of the first module, which is in COFF format. It seems that VS can't recognize OMF debugging informations, even though all what it says after linking is "warning LNK4033: converting object format from OMF to COFF". I tried different settings in Project Settings -> Link -> Debug, but without any success.
When I try to compile some module in COFF and then in OMF, COFF is about 30% larger than OMF. Does it means that these formats are incompatible from debugging symbols point of view?
Posted on 2004-06-29 11:06:08 by MazeGen