Hi all,
My question is: can i remove directory and all files and subdirectories in it by one step. Are there any api function or other way to make it.

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Posted on 2004-06-30 08:00:32 by martidim
You can do it in 2 steps, first remove all the files using SHFileOperation then remove the directory..

mov eax,hDlg

mov sfo.hwnd,eax
mov sfo.wFunc,FO_DELETE
mov sfo.pFrom,OFFSET Files
mov sfo.pTo,NULL
lea eax,sfoabort
mov sfo.fAnyOperationsAborted,eax
lea eax,szRemProject
mov sfo.lpszProgressTitle,eax
mov sfo.hNameMappings,NULL
invoke SHFileOperation,ADDR sfo

invoke RemoveDirectory,OFFSET RootPath

Files would be a wild card path such as C:TargetDir*.*

RootPath is the folder to remove ie: C:TargetDir
Posted on 2004-06-30 09:52:03 by donkey
I see you are from bulgaria too. Nice to see other people from BG here ...

What include is needed to invoke SHFileOperation ?

in win32.hlp is writen shellapi.h
Posted on 2004-07-01 23:04:59 by Gangleri
I use GoAsm, we don't use import libraries but I think it is in Shell32.lib & Shell32.inc
Posted on 2004-07-02 00:58:19 by donkey