Good morning! (!uhm)

Well... happy keyboard tapping at least anyway!

Basically ive just read through no.8, ive got as far as the *.rc file and im wondering why i cant Compile the RC file using RadASM!

Here is the output from running 'RadASM' and 'Shift+F5'in'

Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Resource Compiler, Version 5.00.1823.1 - Build 1823

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1985-1998. All rights reserved.

Using codepage 1252 as default
Creating rsrc.RES

RC: RCPP -CP 1252 -f C:RadASMMasm utorialsmenuRCa03820 -g C:RadASMMasm utorialsmenuRDa03820 -DRC_INVOKED -D_WIN32 -pc:/ -E -I. -I . -I C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003SDKv1.1include

RC : fatal error RC1110 : could not open rsrc.rc

Make error(s) occured.
Total compile time 751 ms

ok. Well i though you could just have the code and the rc code in the same window and run it through, guess i was wrong, ive tried using a seperate file, notepad style and renamed it appropriately.

So im at a bit of a loose end, soz if this is dawning on anyone, or should i say duanting.
But im wanting to know where im going wrong, is there another way to link my rc to my asm?
Anyhelp gladly appreciated...

Regards Riznix
Posted on 2004-07-01 23:40:21 by Trooper
ok, idiot alert!

Uhm.. its just been brought to my attention that i needed to rename my rsrc file to rsrc, and not just MENU.RC (which is what it becomes after a successful compile).

1) code
2) name *.rc rsrc.rc
3) compile
4) run around shouting w00t for a bit

Answered my own question here, but what the hect!

Riznix :)
Posted on 2004-07-01 23:58:09 by Trooper