Hutch, I think you've missed the point here. The reason for the request for the VB6 decompiler was simply to prove a theory. Hell, I'm the last guy who wants to support reverse eng. (it costs me big money every day). In fact, if my theory is correct I would be more then willing to share my success in protecting applications from the dreaded hacker with the entire group. The only way to succeed is to try!!! I fear that once again the typical "forum" that supports freedom of speach and free thought has be kicked in the ass by rules and regulations that defeat the original purpose behind the idea! Just my opinion. :alright: -hexman
Posted on 2001-11-14 10:10:53 by hexman
I think the problem is misunderstanding, hexman. There's no indication
in your original post that you were going to use it to "test a theory",
and with the way the world currently works :), it's all to natural
to assume that you'd use such a tool for evildoing.

Search around for JosephCo's "exdec". I dunno where to find it,
nor if it will help you...
Posted on 2001-11-14 10:47:49 by f0dder
thanks fodder! your help and understanding is appreciated.
Posted on 2001-11-14 13:52:10 by hexman
originally posted by hutch--


This forum is not the place to be looking for a VB disassembler, this is an assembler forum that does not support cracking in any form. It also is not within the topic range of a forum of this type so please pull the plug on requests of this type.

1. there's no freedom of speech on these forums (or in real life for that matter, you only have freedom of thought and pray that never changes): depending of the forum you need to talk about a certain topic and this talk needs to adhere to certain rules.

2. it's very of topic isn't it?

3. it violates one of the aforementioned rules.

originally posted by hexman
Hutch, I think you've missed the point here

he most certainly hasn't, especially if your only question was where to download a VB6 decompiler without any further explication, it was a valid assumption from his point which lead to the closure of your thread.
Posted on 2001-11-14 13:57:33 by Hiroshimator

No one is here to give you a hard time and it was not my intention to do so but we live in a "ratbag fringe" world where various groups are running around playing internet policeman to try and protect their commercial interests at the expense of legitimate programming interests.

The bottom line is Hiroshimator puts his arse on the line providing this forum and he is the one who will be attacked by this idiot fringe if it suits their commercial purpose.

Now the other consideration is that this is an assembler forum, not a visual basic forum so the request is clearly off topic here. There is a massive range of support across the internet for a mainstream Microsoft product while this forum is not paid for out of corporate profits but out of Hiroshimators pocket.

If we can help you with assembler matters, it is a different thing altogether, thats what we are here for but please pull the plug on anything that is either potentially problematic for the forum or support for other languages.

Posted on 2001-11-14 15:14:13 by hutch--
Hutch is right, I'm afraid.
Posted on 2001-11-14 19:32:21 by f0dder
If i can throw my 2 bits worth in...

hexman: there are plenty of decompilers out there. VB is usually set to compile to native code (creating a PE exe). Any disassembler will give you a listing on a PE executable, however be prepared for all the crap you find in the listing, this is just part of what happens when you compile from a HLL to asm, especially a HLL that revolves around COM.

If you are looking for a disassembler that will reverse a PE back to VB code, then you are out of luck, it is a one-way process.

Now this is way off topic, but i have posted it to try and help you and to possibly forstall too many more arguments with out esteemed moderators. This will be all i have to say on this thread :)
Posted on 2001-11-14 21:34:51 by sluggy